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How to find a “wonderful” kot?

You will find below a number of advices to find the perfect room or appartment



1      Start early !

The months of May and June are the months when most students are looking for their kot. The sooner you began your search the more choice you have, and for sure you get a “great “ price!  

You will get a wide selection, and certainly you will have enough time to make a small comparative prices’ study.  

If you start later, many kots become available after the 1st or 2nd session because of a breakdown. It's the perfect time to find your kot at your ease.

2       What kind of kots?

Kot with a particular:  you share the house with its owner. It is therefore essential that you meet him before  to ensure that you get on with him. Otherwise the atmosphere will be collapsing…..This kind of kot, are generally pretty quiet. You will fix with your landlord rules of life, including conditions of visits to your friend (s) in your kot.

Individual Kot or a studio : is usually a room that integrates several functions (bed, desk, small kitchen). It often shares the toilet outside of the room. Sometimes you may also share the kitchen.  

Community Kot .: several rooms are located around shared spaces called "community." You share bathroom, large kitchen, dining room and also the living room. If you enjoy peace and quietness do not take this one!  

A roommate in an apartment or house  gathers a lot of students
Country house with pool and tennis .... It can be a real dream, with a lots of facilities. The principle is simple, you rent a house and some are sharing the costs together.
As for community kots, life in group involves certain rules of living; it is absolutely necessary to keep a great atmosphere.


Kots to the project (KAP): for those who are studying in Louvain la Neuve, there is a type of community kot very particular  called “KAP”!
This is a place which gathers a group of students involved in a common project (like awareness to the problem of underdevelopment,  introduction to oenology, organization of games of improvisation, BD rentals, entertainment of hospitalized children, the promotion of choral singing, introduction to circus techniques, organization of sports activities, provision of car pooling, solidarity with Romania or quarter world ..., etc ...
The two sites , on one side the UCL has a total 110 kots to project - 80 in Louvain-la-Neuve and and on the other side at Woluwe 30, this consists of  more than 1,000 students.
These kots have the distinction of being supported by the UCL university authorities themselves both financially (the rental price is lower than for other kots) and logistics through rooms available KAP'S.


3 If you enjoy quietness, and serenity

Than opt for a more peaceful world, and relaxing outside noise . Don’t be disturb  by the others, and the quality of your work will not suffer. No need of  invading  another kot, or going home, you will feel at your ease in your furniture, your cocoon,  you will be ready to begin your session with success!

4 Be aware, compare the rent of kots

Depending on the proximity of your unified accessibility to public transport and shops, the general condition and the size of your room and the community ... your rent can vary between 200 and 380 euros (maybe more, if the bathroom has a jacuzzi!).
This price does not usually indclude charges (water, gas, electricity, wifi ...)  



5 The price of your kot is one thing, the security deposit, is another

Any student who rents a kot is required to pay 2 months rental guarantee. This amount will allow the owner to repay the damage that you may have caused.
This amount can never be given in cash, it must be deposited in a bank account dedicated for this purpose. This account will be blocked with the signatures of the owner and the other of yours. The bank guarantee will be released when the final inventory is done.

 6 Be aware ….

 Before signing your lease, please let it read and proofread by your parents.
If you go through an estate agent, you will not worry too much, their lease is well established and generally adjusted to both parties.

7 No long speech

 Generally,  kots are rented for a period of one year, a short period. The law authorizes kots leases for a term of one year, as your kot is not considered as your principal residence, and later you won’t be a student anymore!


8 Where should I look at?

 The most effective way to find a kot is:  

Keep an eye on ads, newspapers, internet….











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