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As a new graduate it is new easy to find a first job, especially when most of the offers require several years of experience. However if you want to be proactive on the job market but tired of internships there may be a solution, Traineeships (or Young Graduate Programs).

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The European Union is one of the best employers you can ever imagine. Indeed, more than 40.000 people work for the European institutions. Despite that, there are not many job seekers who think about working for the EU. Whether you are in your final year, a young graduate or an experienced professional you might consider a career in one of the many institutions of the European Union after reading this.

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LinkedIn is the largest professional network and was created with the purpose of getting in touch employers and employees. More than 300 million users around the world use the website as an online CV to keep up with professional life. Moreover, there are more than 39 million students who have a LinkendIn profile.  We will explain why you should be one of them and help you complete your profile.

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Don't worry if you too have trouble finding motivation on Monday, it just means you are normal!  We will give you a few tips to help you beat Monday Blues and you can trust us, we have tried them and they work!

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Writing a good CV is a lot of pressure because it is not always clear what should be in it nor how it should be organised. You don't need to worry about it anymore, we have selected for you the best websites (free or not) to help you in the process of creating your CV. 

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Many students are reluctant to the idea of an internship. A lot of them have the wrong idea of what working as an intern is like. First of all, get rid of the stereotype of the student whose tasks are to bring coffee and make copies.

So if you think that an internship is a waste of time because you end up working without being paid maybe you will want to reconsider your point of view after reading this.

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