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Business & IT Management Traineeship

Company description

ORMIT is an independent company with offices in Brussels and De Bilt (NL) and is the actual leader in talent and leadership development. We cooperate with renowned international enterprises providing young talent the opportunity to develop their personal leadership skills. With professional experience, coaching, training and intervision, ORMIT offers its effective approach and unique concept.

Job description

Join the ORMIT Multi-Company Programme Business & IT

Within the two-year Multi-Company Programme Business & IT, ORMIT develops talents who are capable of creating the right synergy between IT and business. These professionals have an IT passion and are able to combine this with personal leadership and a typical personal approach. This allows them to cross the bridge to business. Add to that their enormous drive, communication skills, personality and process-thinking mind, and you have the perfect match between IT and business.

Searched Profile

You are a an ambitious young professional with

• a Master’s degree
• passion for IT
• a job experience in IT (a maximum of 3 years)
• as native language, French or Dutch, with a good understanding of the second language and you are fluent in English
• professional ambitions like personal and professional development and taking up a managerial role

You excel in taking initiative and thrive in a result and human driven method of working. To achieve your future role in leadership, you are willing to invest in yourself.

We offer

We offer

Variation of assignments and organisations
During the 26 months programme, you will be taking up multiple assignments at a wide range of organisations, in different sectors. The diversity of the projects will help you to get a thorough understanding of the IT-business and organizational structures. Organisations will benefit from your experience, as you will be building and maintaining effective and user-friendly IT services.

Training and coaching
You will be attending trainings during the programme, developing both hard and soft skills (e.g. project management, MBTI). Your personal coach will give you professional support both on the job as for your future career.

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