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Embedded developer

Company description

We are a young and exciting start-up in the field of wearable health. We are based in Antwerp and comprise an interdisciplinary team of hardware, software, and biomedical engineers passionate about creating a product that can transform healthcare. 

Job description

Your role in Byteflies will be to spearhead our efforts in developing, launching and improving our wearables. In that role, you will be required to:

• Develop and architect embedded software for wearable health applications.
• Plan and develop long term roadmaps for new features
• Quickly prototype and develop proofs of concept so that we can internally experiment with various interaction models and ideas
• Be obsessive in trying to deliver a responsive, fast, and reliable cross-platform experience to our clients 

Searched Profile

You are an embedded software developer obsessed with every detail and methodical in hunting down and combatting the slightest jank in the devices that you develop. When a feature doesn’t work, your heart rate goes in overdrive and you use your brainpower to fix it.

General requirements
• Professional fluency in English
• Good communication skills and the ability to plan and prioritize tasks

Technical requirements
• Language skills: c, c++, python
• Mcu skills: ARM M0, M3, M4
• Os: FreeRTOS
• Programs: GDB, GCC
• Communication: SPI, I2C, UART, Ethernet
• Measurement: Scope equipment
• Linux, Bash

• Java, Assembler (arm/thumb), C# (.Net)
• Bluetooth, BLE, prop. RF networking
• Misra C 

We offer

You enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary team in an exciting early stage startup with huge potential for growth and understand that with great power comes great responsibility.

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