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Front end developer

Company description

We are a young and exciting start-up in the field of wearable health. We are based in Antwerp and comprise an interdisciplinary team of hardware, software, and biomedical engineers passionate about creating a product that can transform healthcare.

Job description

Your role in Byteflies will be to spearhead our efforts in developing a sophisticated web- application that will be one of the most important parts of our platform. In that role, you will be required to:
Understand our back-end APIs and specify changes/additions that will be needed to develop an efficient web app.
Plan and develop long term roadmaps for new features.
Quickly prototype and develop proofs of concept so that we can internally experiment with various interaction models and ideas.
Be obsessive in trying to deliver a responsive, fast, and reliable cross-platform experience to our clients.

General requirements
• Professional fluency in English
• Good communication skills and the ability to plan and prioritize tasks

Technical requirements
• Expertise in Javascript/ES: you should be very comfortable with javascript. You will be spending most of your development time using/customizing javascript libraries or developing new UI components.
• Good understanding of javascript performance measurement and optimization.
• Expertise with HTML/CSS: As a web app developer, you should be extremely familiar with HTML/CSS including issues arising from cross-browser and cross-platform deployments. An understanding of grid systems for responsive UIs is also needed.

• Familiarity and experience with ReactJS/Redux and/or Angular as well as frameworks such as Ionic
• Experience with SASS/LESS
• Experience with webpack
• The ability to quickly prototype/wireframe a web application using tools such as sketch.

Your primary role will not be that of a UI/UX designer, but the ability to develop proofs of concept is a big plus.

We can dream
• Experience translating web apps to mobile/desktop apps (e.g. through React Native or Cordova)
• Experience with high performance graphics and manipulating large data sets for display (e.g. using HTML5 Canvas)
• Knowledge/experience with clever strategies for fetching/prefetching data as well as the associated data structures (e.g. Least Recently Used and Least Frequently Used caching, caching strategies in Angular) 

Searched Profile

You are a front-end web application developer obsessed with every detail and methodical in hunting down and combatting the slightest jank in the applications that you create. You take each UI hiccup as a personal affront to your honor and will not rest until every screen and pixel is delivered at 60 frames of buttery smoothness. 

We offer

You enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary team in an exciting early stage startup with huge potential for growth and understand that with great power comes great responsibility. 

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