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Company description

Freedom means responsibility

Get up, go to work, do stuff you don’t care about for 8 hours or more, sleep, repeat... Are you keen on not falling into this routine? 

ClearSource is a recruitment company that doesn’t settle for status quo. They question, create buzz, do things differently. And most importantly, they see employees as energy the company needs rather than resources. Flexi-time, flexi-location, different desk every day or the same view out of my window, pretty please... Whatever rocks your boat, they make it happen. You'd rather start later to avoid traffic jams? Work the mornings from home, no problem. Have a doctor appointment in the middle of the afternoon? Not an issue, as long as the work is done. 

What counts at ClearSource are results, not the hours you slave away at your desk. And it must be working for them, since they're booming—they've doubled in office space, hired 8 new people and grew their sales by 108% only in the past year! 

Job description

How does ClearSource work?

We are specialized in finding high caliber IT profiles that we then match with some of the best employers in Belgium. 
Wait a second – isn’t that what every other recruitment agency claims? Here are some things we do that set us apart: 

  • Digital revolution – Times are changing, candidates are more and more technology savvy. We are constantly testing new tools to help our team work smarter.
  • Human approach – Work is a big part of life, both for our candidates and for ourselves. The more you like what you do, the less you call it work! 
  • Change, change, change – If it doesn’t work, we ditch it. If it does work, we make it better.

What's the job about?

  • Find new ways to attract candidates – be it meetups, word-of-mouth, online communities, or anything else we haven’t thought of yet 
  • Engage our candidates in a two-way communication to learn about who they are and what they need
  • Coach them to make the most out of their profile and align it best with their career goals
  • Match them with a company where they will love working
  • ...all this while using digital technology and our Smart Recruiting® tools

Searched Profile

Would you be a fit for it? Of course! If you are…

  • … entrepreneurial – you own your goals and take responsibility for achieving them 
  • … a proactive team player – think of the team and share good profiles. A colleague may have an opportunity that fits them better!
  • … creative and curious – you never tire of thinking up new ideas to find talented people
  • … solution-oriented – if a client has a problem, it’s our job to help. If we can’t give them exactly what they need, what else can we propose?
  • … positive – leave your grumpy pants at home! We want you to have a good time with us. 
  • … a solid communicator – you are a good listener and you can gently bring chatty candidates back to the point
  • … competitive and pressure-resistant – multiple deadlines don’t scare you, and you don’t give in easily to frustration if candidates don’t spring up like mushrooms after the rain
  • … ambitious and result-driven – what counts for you is reaching goals and not clocking in your time or ticking off your to-do’s
  • … fluent in English, and Dutch or French
  • … a bachelor or master degree holder 

Background in Recruitment, IT, or Communication is a big plus.

We offer

So, what do you get in return?

  • A family-sized company with a startup attitude, where you can grow and make the company grow too!
  • A tight team – forget munching on a sandwich at your desk, we want you to share meals with us and (try to) kick our butts in kicker afterwards!
  • Supportive management who will provide you with the tools, not just the pressure
  • A very competitive starting salary
  • A company car and a fuel card
  • An attractive bonus scheme (on a personal and team level)
  • Sales incentives: vouchers, city trips, cash…
  • 20 + 6 days of holidays
  • A flexi-time schedule with a possibility to work from home
  • Hospital insurance
  • Meal vouchers
  • Team buildings, trainings, events
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