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Operational Field Manager

Company description

For over 25 years, 4UCAMPUS has enlightened hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and academic staff with unbelievable discounts on (inter)national newspapers, magazines, ICT and more ...We believe in bringing quality information back into the hands of the students in order to READ MORE, LEARN MORE, KNOW MORE. In this day & age being informed on current events or obtaining more specific knowledge in your field of expertise is of utmost importance. We feel students should be able to access that information at discounted prices (up to 80%). That's why we say ...

Job description

As a Field Operational Manager :

  • You are responsible for the execution from A to Z of all “sold” Field Marketing Projects. There are 3 types of campaigns : Campaigns for Press partners, Campaignes for HR partners and Advertisement campaigns. This role includes, among other things:
  • Manage Field Campaigns (in close collaboration with the sales team):
    • Manage campaign planning
    • Receive necessary material from clients
    • Plan student teams and manage suppliers (content writers, digital marketeers, …)
    • Brief teams + Set-up actions + support on the field
    • Follow-up budget per campaign (printwork, student hours, etc. ...)
    • Make reportings and receive feedback from customers
    • Monitore quality of campaigns
  • Manage Student Ambassador teams (+- 75 students per year) 
    • Hire, onboard, and train Student ambassadors
    • Manage student teams to achieve the objectives
    • Assess and evaluate team and individual performances & fill “knowledge” gaps through additional trainings
    • Reinforce the team if necessary
    • Work on team loyalty by organizing teambuilings, have regular calls, etc…
  • You also manage relationships with strategic partners such as :
    • Universities and High Schools
    • Alumni networks
    • Student Associations
  • You have regular contacts with clients : follow-up of campaigns, mid-year reportings, upsell opoortunities, etc. …
  • You have a managerial / strategic input:
    • Optimize things such as planning, logistics, processes…
    • Measure, analyse and communicate progress towards strategic goals
    • Coordinate with the sales team to develop new field strategies and initiatives

Participate in strategic meetings in relation to the further development 4UCAMPUS

Searched Profile

  • Bilingual NL/FR
  • Leadership abilities – organisational skills – relational skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Enthusiasm – proactivity and creativity
  • Likes teamwork and appreciates small structures

We offer

  • Competitive salary package
  • Become one of the key employees of a meaningfull startup
  • Open, respectful and fun company culture
  • Have a real impact on the company’s growth and evolution
  • Work with people who love what they do every day
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