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ORMIT & BNPPF Traineeship – Future Change Makers

Company description

ORMIT is an independent company with offices in Brussels and De Bilt (NL) and is the actual leader in talent and leadership development. We cooperate with renowned international enterprises providing young talent the opportunity to develop their personal leadership skills. With professional experience, coaching, training and intervision, ORMIT offers its effective approach and unique concept.

Job description

Do you want to drive change and innovation at BNP Paribas Fortis? And take up pivotal roles while rotating in marketing, operations and branding? Ready to board this rollercoaster traineeship? Let’s go!

The future of banking? Lead the way!

The world is changing fast. Well, so is banking. Especially with new players on the pitch. Think fintech, blockchain,... To stay ahead of the game, BNP Paribas Fortis is looking for Future change makers. Who challenge how (and how fast) transformation is taking place. Who innovate with a one-click digital mindset. And who inspire others to follow.

You’re transforming how BNP Paribas Fortis will operate in the future, impacting multiple parts of the business. Whether you’re developing digital customer journeys in marketing, redesigning end-to-end processes in operations or exploring new ways of communication in branding. It’s called transversal. And you’ll love it.

What goes into the program?

If you love change, change is what you get. Three 6-month assignments with multiple projects in various departments. Where you can taste from end-to-end operations, marketing and branding & communication. And in everything you do, you start with the customer. So you’ll be looking at BNP Paribas Fortis from the outside in.

  • End-to-end operations: Tap, press, ask, submit... Behind every customer action lies a great journey. Defined and scoped by process engineers and product owners. Supported and inspired by team leads. All with a touch of digital.
  • Marketing: From analysing big data to launching new service models. From developing digital journeys to exploring new channels. Marketing covers a lot, and it’s all about the customer.
  • Branding & Communication: You play a big role in how the world sees and feels about BNP Paribas Fortis. Internal and external. By setting up teams, processes and monitoring for digital and social.

After 18 months of exploring, learning, growing, shining, changing (you get the idea), you are ready for landing. At a company you love, in the department you love: end-to-end operations, marketing or branding & communication.

Searched Profile

You’re perfect because...

  • You. Love. Change. (We guess you figured that one out by now).
  • That means you’re flexible, creative, inspiring, enthusiastic, … (all great things)
  • You have a master’s degree in (you tell us).
  • You just graduated or have 1-3 years of work experience.
  • Dutch, French, English? You switch fluently from one language to another.
  • You can start as from September 2019 (if that works for you).

We offer

What’s next?

  • Write us what you got. That’s you sending us your CV. Still a great place to start.
  • e-Show us what you got. In an online capacity test and video interview.
  • Let’s show each other what we got. A fun selection day where everybody learns about everybody. You, ORMIT and BNP Paribas Fortis.
  • Let’s sign the contract! When you make it to the final round and there’s a three-way match of course.
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