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Software Engineer

Company description

SPIE Nederland (a subsidiary of SPIE Operations) has more than 2600 employees, with 20 branches generating a pro forma turnover of €418 million. SPIE Nederland uses its various services, SPIE-ICS, SPIE-Technology, SPIE-Infra, SPIE-Building Systems, SPIE-Controlec Engineering and SPIE-Industry, to work in all disciplines of both the private and the public sectors on projects concerning the design, building and maintenance of network systems, energy installations, bridges, sluices, dams, industrial installations, and building installations. Our core business also includes providing maintenance advice and creating software systems to support the inspection and maintenance of installations and networks. SPIE Nederland is among the top 5 technical service providers in the Netherlands.

Job description

The Software Engineer will work, with or without a project team, on the set-up of technical objects, programming, the ‘in house’ test and the ‘in company’ name on PLC(‘s) and/or SCADA systems. The level of responsibility is determined by the scope and the difficulty level of the project. An important aspect of the position is assisting Junior Software Engineers.

• creating, building, maintaining, and testing application programming;
• creating and implementing data models for relational data bases such as Oracle;
• compiling the documentation for the aforementioned activities and maintaining this documentation;
• providing advice during the set-up of the technical aspect of system design;
• advising and assisting during the set-up of information system prototype or of parts thereof;
providing courses for users of standard software, which may or may not be delivered by SPIE Nederland B.V.;
• assisting during system and acceptance tests, system introduction and evaluation.
Responsibilities :
• his/her own items or products, which are created in accordance with contractual project requirements (e.g. delivery date), quality requirements, safety requirements, specifications, norms, codes and standards;
• keeping technical knowledge up to standard (sufficiently deep, widely developed and up-to-date). The employee is expected to determine his/her own training requirements. Any necessary training programmes will be discussed with the head of department concerning the required means (money, time and materials);
• the quality of his/her work, advice, studies and reports;
• delivering work on time in accordance with the quality norms and procedures of SPIE Nederlands B.V.

Searched Profile

Dutch HBO (Higher Professional Education) or academic equivalent.

• Specific characteristics:
o has good contact skills, for both internal communication within the company and external communication;
o is able to cope with stress; works efficiently under (considerable) time pressure;
o is flexible: must be able to work together with various members of one or more project teams;
o must show the following characteristics when performing his/her functions: accuracy, concentration, responsibility, team spirit, development capability, problem analysis, ability to convince others, creativity, trust, service skills;

The candidate should have:
• knowledge of and experience with at least one programming language;
• knowledge of SQL and at least one RDMS e.g. Oracle;
• knowledge of and experience with C++, and at least one 4GL-
Dutch and/or Flemish are mandatory

We offer

It's a VIE contract of 18 months with all the VIE package (accomodation, 1 round trip, medical insurance and an indemnity)

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