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Web Development Coach/Trainer

Company description

BeCode is an intensive 6-month coding school program. 
No matter what your background, current skills or (lack of) degree! It’s about finding a job. And it’s free of charge!

In Code We Trust... Only a creative & inclusive society will provide an answer to some of the madness that we are experiencing across the world. Anyone with proper drive and motivation could and should get a chance to acquire basic digital and coding skills and build a profession on those skills.

Students are therefore selected based on their motivation only 
– no prior skills or diplomas are required!

BeCode has launched its first 2 schools in Brussels: one in the city center (close to the Brussels Central train station) and one in Anderlecht - the first Dutch speaking class will start in September!

BeCode schools will open up all over the country, partnering each time with local stakeholders working alongside our future students and employers!


Job description

As a coach, you are the lucky one to spend your days with our motivated BeCode students !

After a short "train the trainer" course, you will be involved in the selection and day-to-day guidance of our "human capital" as you

  • facilitate and stimulate the learning experience
    • design project-based learning activities for the 25-student class by using local resources to create a coding experience that’s relevant and real-world
    • determine students’ academic and social learning objectives and ensure that they’re met
    • use the resources of the city and community to create an education that is relevant and real
    • communicate learning targets and outcomes to colleagues and students on a regular basis
  • promote employment, with a focus on occupational integration and creating bridges toward the business community
  • collaborate with other teachers, mentors, guest speakers, sponsors, and public authorities to maximise the students' chances of success in the professional world

You will be supported by the Head of School and our Head of Faculty and will be part of a highly motivated teacher team!


Searched Profile

You are passionate about web development and our era of new frameworks and hybrid mobile development?

You enjoy sharing your knowledge and helping others achieving and learning?

You are looking for a full-time or part-time position as employee or freelance as a coach in web development ? is looking for you! We don't care about your past - we only care about your future !!


We offer

A full-time or part-time contract from 1 september '17 to 28 february '18 with the possibility to extend into a long-term employment.

You will be part of a project on the cutting edge of education, run in a startup-like way, with a super professional team to back you up :-)


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