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Young Grad - Business Analyst Omnichannel (Digital)

Company description

Launch your career, become a Young Grad at Telenet and take the job journey of a lifetime. As you start working at your department, you’ll be offered a rewarding trajectory, and you’ll help to build a better digital future for all of us. In doing so, you’ll learn what your favourite job is and where your strengths lie. You’ll get a taste of a ton of innovations, countless courses and wonderful challenges. From engineering, via IT to marketing, sales or finance, you are welcome.

Are you ready to grow, together with Telenet?  

Job description

Are you up for the job journey of a lifetime?

Then strap yourself in, because becoming a Telenet Young Grad will launch your career into orbit. From the day you start working at your department of choice, the challenges will be plenty, but the trajectory always rewarding.

You’ll prove yourself, improve yourself and learn what your favourite job is – on the job. Your strength will thrive, provide the drive. And your weak point might become your unique point.

There’s more, though: you will also help to build a better digital future for all of us.


Omni Channel Delivery Team?

As Young Grad you will become part of the omnichannel journey delivery team.

Who we are:

  • We are a team of experts with regard to business critical applications, business way of working (processes ), omnichannel touchpoint implementation (handling of customer interactions in digital and non-digital channels in order to provide the customer a seamless customer journey).
  • We are a team of hands-on, result driven trusted partners for our different stakeholders (operations, IT, marketing…)

What we do:

  • We are the ‘support’ team for the Residential Customer Operations Department: we’re in charge of internal and customer communication, training and development and last but not least: the delivery of changes and projects.
  • We are responsible for the  day-to-day management of digital touchpoints (care & sales).

One of the sub teams of the omnichannel journey delivery team is called the  Business Solutions  team, where you as young grad, will become part of.

Tasks of the Business Solutions team?

  • We put the customer journey as designed by our colleagues into reality with a digital 1st mindset.
  • We act as an omnichannel business analyst  in the project team in charge of the implementation of the customer journey.
  • We execute a business process impact analysis and perform the necessary process design or redesign.
  • We gather and define the business requirements. For this step, we work closely together with different stakeholders within the customer channels, marketing, …..
  • We assess the impact on business critical applications (digital & non-digital) and in order to do that we work closely together with application experts and IT.
  • We define test scenario’s and support the support people executing these tests.
  • We give input to our colleagues in charge of communication and training.

Searched Profile

What are we looking for?

  • You’re passionate about digital and all the possibilities the digital world offers to consumers;
  • You have an affinity with digital solutions and platforms;
  • Strong analytical & communication skills;
  • A true interest in processes and applications;
  • A team player who is pro-active and flexible;
  • Drive for result and eagerness to learn & grow;
  • Educational background:
    • Master degree in Economics or IT
    • Manama degree
  • Good language (Dutch & English), Powerpoint, Word and Excel skills
  • Enthusiasm to do your part in making Telenet a great company.

We offer

What do we offer?

  • We offer you the opportunity to become part of a team that is the in the ‘core’ of all changes: almost all projects and major changes pass through our team;
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge: you become part  of a team with in- depth knowledge of TELCO business processes and applications;
  • You will get familiar with Telco processes from a business perspective: impact assessment , design and redesign from an omnichannel perspective;
  • You will get familiar with standard process modelling and process impact assessment techniques;
  • You will also get familiar with different Business Requirement techniques which will be used for different kind of projects;
  • You gain insight in the digital application ecosystem and the specifics of the different customer channels (digital & non-digital).

The benefits of being a Young Grad at Telenet?

  • A real job with a lot of responsibility and challenging projects;
  • A two-year intensive development program;
  • Possibility to develop leadership skills;
  • Becoming part of an innovative, ambitious and 100% future-proof organization;
  • Attractive salary package;

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