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zwemcoach - aquafitnesscoach

Company description

Aurigoleau is een therapie en instructiebad ENIG in zijn soort. Er worden privézwemllessen op maat gegeven aan kinderen tssen 1 en 10 jaar alsook aan volwassenen; Er wordt therapie gegeven en ook aan aquafitness gedaan. De privélessen worden gegeven volgens de huismethode gebaseerd op de psychomotrische ontwikkeling.

Job description

  1. - zwemlessessies geven aan kinderen
  2. - evt meedraaien little kids swim op zondag
  3. - aquafitnessles geven ( crossfitprincipes ) en iets nieuws uitbouwen

Searched Profile

  1. - sportief-sociaal iemand die graag in het water zit
  2. - studies rond sport
  3. studies rond opvoeding en kiné
  4. iemand die geengageerd is

We offer

  1. vast contract tegen correcte voorwaarden en verplaatsingonkost
  2. aangename werksfeer
  3. persoonlijke ontwikkeling en initatief 

Kazi competences

Discover below the values and teamroles that are important for this job. Do the Kazi-test to see if you are matching with those competences.


Goal-oriented Performer
A goal-oriented performer focuses on finding solutions and achieving goals. In a group, the employee tends to focus on what needs to happen in the short-term.
Team player
A team player can engage action from each team member and likes to work in a team. The employee has an eye for atmosphere and trust.


In this job, the employee must closely follow procedures, agreements, or work methods. There is a clear job description and the employee often receives feedback about his or her performance by means of structured consultation. The employee primarily has contact within the organization and contact is informal in nature.
People person
In this job, you have a lot of contacts. It is important that the employee can empathize with the ideas and sensitivities of others. As a result of his or her work, the employee will see the final product or the end service provided and can be meaningful for people outside of the organization.

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