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2 Students wanted to do research for a new book/course on Innovation management

Company description

I personally led the creation of 8 successful companies in 6 countries
Award winning teacher: KU Leuven, Solvay, The European Innovation Academy and The Founder Institute.

Business development, Strategy and Digital Transformation work with companies like P&G,Unilever, L’Oreal, Eastman Chemicals, Orange, IBA, Bpost, Test Achats and over 200 more


Job description

I am writing a new book called CYCLES this book is about helping any company learn the skills they need do rapid cycles of business development to grow small ideas into big ideas.

The book is divided into 4 sections that I call the ABCS of Innovation

A is for Alignment. If innovation is to succeed, everyone in the company must be thinking and working together towards a common goal.
B is for Build. Ideas build into theories. Theories systematically build into new products and processes.
C is for Communicate and Check. If you are going to successfully translate ideas into practical changes, you must be able to clearly communicate what you are trying to do and why. When you are testing theories, you will constantly check that you are achieving what you set out to do.
S is for Systems. Successful innovation is not random or subject to chance. It is the result of a methodical process of identifying, evaluating, implementing and testing. This process of systematic improvement must become embedded in every level of company ethos and operations.

I am looking for 2 students to research and writing for the Build and Communicate and Check sections of the book.

What would be your role

Do research and help write the draft chapters
Provide views and advice on the content of the book
Turn chapters into short presentations
Review work done by me and other co-authors

For reference, here is a list of the chapters in these 2 sections of the book

How to Build ideas/ innovation


Defining your Innovation challenge | Do you really have a problem to solve

Good ideas usually start at home | The best place to start is with what you have, not what you want to have

No more brain drains. It is time to start building ideas | If you want more and better ideas, look for stimulus and diversity

It is what you do, not what you think about doing that matters | It is what you do, not what you think about doing that matters



Communicating and Checking ideas/ Innovation


How to make people understand | 4Ps and storytelling - 2 smart ways to help understand

I'll believe it when I see it vs. I'll see it when I believe it - research | How to get past your biases to run useful research

Instead of running so fast, take a break | How to measure progress and use these measurements to build better ideas

Shoot your puppies and move on | Why killing ideas is as important as building new ideas.. and how to do it


Searched Profile

We are looking for someone interested in management consulting and Innovation

Skills required

  • Knowledge of Innovation Management (or a desire to learn quickly)
  • ​​Close to perfect written English
  • Good graphic design skills and a willingness to learn some on-line graphics programs
  • A good sense of humor and desire to make things happen


We offer


€400/ month full time
€200 / month if part-time

Plus you will get training from leading expert in marketing innovation / new product marketing

(Head Mentor European Innovation Academy, Director the Founder Institute, Professor KU Lueven, and Solvay)


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Only for undergraduate students

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