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Toyota Motor Europe

2019-2521 Internship - Traditional Management (Vehicle Logistics Group)

Company description

TOYOTA is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers and a leading global corporation.
Founded in 1937. Toyota now sells vehicles in 170 countries and employs over 300.000 people.
Based in Brussels, Belgium, and staffed by 2.700 people and more than 60 nationalities,
Toyota Motor Europe (TME) handles the wholesale marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, parts & accessories, and manages Toyota’s European R&D, manufacturing and engineering operations

Job description

Vehicle Logistics Group (VLG) is responsible for the distribution of:
• Globally produced vehicles to our European markets/retailers.
• Locally produced vehicles to our global markets.
These vehicles arrive from the different manufacturing plants to our strategically located hubs (logistic centres) where they are stored, customized, inspected and transported to the next delivery point (port, intermediate compound or retailer).
All operations are completed by Logistics Providers (LP), with a team of Toyota members ensuring consistency of direction and the achievement of customer requirements.

Your project:
To support the above, our team is responsible for:
• processing of vehicle invoicing files (+ error handling)
• distribution of vehicle sales invoice (mainly) & transport documentation to European NMSC’s
• for business to non-European distributors (GEX):
- assure on time processing of system files (+ handling in case of error)
- distributor payment follow-up (with TMC and/or A&F)
- assure on time receipt of vehicle price files (+ handling in case of issues)
- assure correctness + distribution of Vehicles Sales invoices  / Transport documentation / any specific required documentation per country
- close contact with VLG logistics Hubs / shipping lines / TMC / distributors
• overall follow-up, monitoring of vehicle production  
• support/control/monitoring of any special activities: urgent deliveries, delayed production, special requests from customers, press cars, …
• transport planning

Searched Profile

• Ability to work independently, as part of a team
• Handle job with care and precision
• Stress resistant & flexible
• Take ownership of tasks, work according to deadlines
• Good coordination and organizing skills
• Good communication skills 
• Excellent service to customers
• Fluent in English (any other European language is an asset)

You have a Toyota DNA, this means you:

• Wish to develop and are ready to persevere in order to reach challenging targets
• Seek facts before making recommendations or decisions
• Have strong planning and organizing skills
• Enjoy working in a team, respecting others
• Have excellent communication skills
• Customer mindset

We offer

Additional information:
Place of employment: Toyota Motor Europe, Head Office Brussels
Starting date: ASAP
Duration: 6 months
Confidentiality: Due to business requirement, not all performed projects can be reflected in the internship report. This issue needs to be discussed with candidate/school in advance.

It is mandatory that applicants are students for the entire period of the internship. We can only accept students with an EEA or Swiss citizenship (not requiring a work permit or visa to be eligible to perform an internship in Belgium).

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Only for undergraduate students

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