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3D Game Developer Internship at Studio

Company description

OneBonsai is the Emerging Technology Service Provider. We offer solutions to enterprises in healthcare, manufacturing, defense, retail and more using the latest of the greatest technologies. We design solutions in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, using Artificial Intelligence and IoT. 

We are passionate about making a change in how healthcare is being done, how manufacturing can be made safer and more efficient and how events can be organized better. 

We work with talented people in different fields to offer custom solutions using lean and design thinking methodologies. 

Job description

We work on various projects which involve game development. As we focus on VR and AR, game development will focus on the peculiarities of these technologies in interaction and game play. Furthermore, we have plenty of more deep problems to sink your teeth in: physics, using the new RTX graphics cards to their full potential, work with haptic devices, motion capture optimization, point cloud segmentation and so on.

For both experienced as novice developers we have projects that will help you grow, and which will be a challenge to solve. We can cater to your specific niche expertise and provide projects that fit this background.

Searched Profile

You show proficiency in Game Development, preferably in Unreal Engine 4. You are willing to learn, show flexibility and can conduct independent problem solving. You can comfortable working in a (remote) team as well as working agile in sprints.

You can think independently and out of the box. You will be responsible for part of a project and report to the founders in Zaventem.

Our international team speaks English, French or Dutch is useful but not required.

We offer

We offer a challenging environment where you will get the freedom to learn Unreal Engine and 3D modelling techniques while working on a real-life project.

You will be responsible for part of a project, and bring this to a good end.

You will be able to work in a high-tech environment, where you can taste the latest new technologies in VR and AR.

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