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6 Month Innovation Incubator Internship – Business Development (IIIBD2207)

Company description

ESPA finds the best international interns for the best companies in the UK and Ireland. For each of our internships you will be provided with accomodation and commute during the full duration of your stay. Our service is free to students so hesitate no more and apply for the internship that suits you!

Job description

The Host Company
There is a significant opportunity to join a step out innovation and venture team within a major corporation, operating in the field of automotive and industrial lubricants.
The innoVentures team is looking for 12 interns, who will be part of an innovative team, which has been running successfully for over three years building up a number of emerging businesses as well as an investment portfolio covering automotive and industrial sectors. The focus of the team is on the long term (5-10 years), looking beyond the current products and with the aim of future proofing the core business versus long-term trends and potential market disruptions.
The Role
This opportunity will be attractive to students who wish to apply their specific skills and expertise in a progressive and challenging environment and with the ability to think broadly and deeply about the world; specifically the rapidly emerging technologies and the social and environmental changes that underpin many of the wider global market disruptions in evidence today. The team would be expected to find out: What do users value and engage with? How do they react to various service related offers?
The host company is looking for a strong candidate capable of performing Business Development activities. As part of their role, the successful candidate will act as a coordinator to help their team of talented students/recent graduates continue delivering positive inputs for the host company. A key feature of the role will be the ability to plan ahead, ensuring the identification of the right business opportunities. This role requires a high level of motivation and excellent communication and prospecting skills.

Searched Profile

Along with other team members, the intern would be expected to:
 Investigate the feasibility of new business ideas generated by current innoVentures members.
 Analyse the business and market opportunities both globally and by market.
 Develop a business strategy for the future commercialisation of the product/service analysed.
 Conduct research to identify Business needs.
 Identify and implement best practices, and ascertain customer's future requirements.
 Build meaningful and actionable research on product development and enhance customer retention.
 Set up and run test trials to implement innovative ideas.
Personal Skills
 Experience in B2B business development.
 Good organisation skills and the ability to work in teams.
 Good communicator, both written and oral.
 Prospecting skills.
 Excellent time management skills.
 Act as self-starters, adaptive to change and can respond quickly and positively to revised scope and direction of activities.
 “Can-do” attitude.
 Demonstrate high level of energy, drive, enthusiasm and commitment.
 Willingness to be part of a progressive group of like-minded individuals searching for new ideas and developing new business models.
 Have a track record of successful teamwork with ability to work cross functionally.
 Passion for entrepreneurial environment.
 Ability to maintain focus on business goals during analysis / investigation

We offer

BENEFITS: All ESPA’s services are free for students and alumni. The benefits are:
1) Paid Accommodation
2) Paid Utility Bills (electricity, gas, water and council tax) + Internet Access
3) Commuter travel to work.
This will be sourced and managed on your behalf by ESPA. These benefits have an approximate value of 1200€ per month.
There is no salary over and above the benefits offered, unless specifically stated.
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