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6-month internship in marketing and communication

Company description

IntoTheMinds is a market research agency operating from Belgium and France and carrying out projects in Europe and beyond.

We specialize in state-of-the-art market research methods to tackle even the most difficult projects :

  • qualitative research (ethnography, interviews, focus groups, ...)
  • quantitative research (surveys of all types, Big Data analysis, satisfaction and loyalty surveys)
  • behavioral modeling (statistical models, predictions, data mining ...)

Examples of projects :

  • churn prediction for a French bank based on data mining and structural equation modeling
  • qualitative research for a new financial product (Belgium)
  • satisfaction study for a Swiss organization (qualitative research + quantitative instrument definition + administration)
  • data exploitation and visualisation for a mobile operator (Belgium)
  • brand image research for an apparel brand (Brazil)
  • study for the implemantation of new kindergartens (Luxembourg)
  • cartographic studies for the retail sector
  • customer experience research for various industries and countries

80% of our projects are carried out of Belgium.

Job description


We are looking for an intern who can stay with us at least 3 months (preferably 6), full-time, to :

  • help us improve our online communication practices : our SEO has been greatly improved by 10 year of intense blogging and more than 3000 articles published. We are proud to have more than 500.000 readers. We are especially willing to develop our video practices and are counting on a younf and bright mind to help us.
  • work on real customers projects, including field work and daily contacts with the clients. You'll be working on qualitative and quantitative market research projects in various industries.

Searched Profile


  • self starter and high autonomy : although you will be mentored and coached during your internship, it is crucial to show high level of autonomy. We are also counting on you to come up with new ideas propose new things and help us evolve.
  • curious : you'll certainly have to learn about fields you have never touched before. It's important to not be afraid of learning new things.
  • involvement : we need involved people. Flexibility is of the essence and a 9-to-5 mindset is certainly not what we are looking for.
  • care for quality and precision



  • qualification #1 must be your ability to write. Impeccable writing skills are required (either in English or in French)
  • qualification #2 must be your ability to look for information (online, offline) and your perseverance to find this information
  • qualification #3 must be your interest for marketing



  • You must know how to write : structure articles, how to look for information, how to express your ideas.
  • Previous knowledge of SEO would be an asset
  • Good command of Excel to work on data and graphs is a must
  • Nice-to-Have :
    • first experience with publication software solutions and, ideally, graphic design.
    • experience with video making

We offer

Work content

  • you will have great autonomy and we expect you to help us change. We are expecting you advice to change things. You'll be able to implement change in the company.
  • we will ask you to conduct marketing intelligence projects on topics of importance. That's where autonomy plays a role. You'll have to search for data and sum it up in ways (blog, white paper) that are attractive for our audience
  • we will ask you to contribute to the blog (have a look here). This will be you chance to attract the attention of our 500.000 readers.

Place of work is 1040 Brussels

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Only for undergraduate students

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