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European Student Placement Agency

6 month Software developer

Company description

ESPA finds the best international interns for the best companies in the UK and Ireland. For each of our internships you will be provided with accomodation and commute during the full duration of your stay. Our service is free to students so hesitate no more and apply for the internship that suits you!

Job description

Entreprise : Family business started in Spain in 2003 with a property website, in 2009 the business moved to the UK and their website became leading portal for international buyers of Spanish Property with revenue of €1.5M. The chosen candidate will work with a small team of 20 software developers and customer support staff working in 5 different countries. Communication and actions happen quickly within the team, with everyone empowered and expected to take the lead. In the company own words “We expect to make mistakes, and we expect to put them right-as a team”. The company is growing rapidly and this is an exciting phase of their history, in 2016 they will expand to serve other property markets –and maybe even disrupt them a little bit.


Mission : The company is looking for a computer science intern to help them with a pilot project involving machine learning (IBM Watson) and natural language generation (Arria NLG). Both of these projects are key to the company’s growth – and the intern will take a lead role in this project. After getting familiar with the company’s systems the intern is expected to work autonomously to specify the pilot projects and make them happen. The intern will work with PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, Ruby on Rails and Lavarel frameworks, PHP programming language, and be curious enough to figure stuff out autonomously rather than being told the answers. Depending on the interns performance a job may be offered. The interns commercial, people and technical skills will be raised. 

● Have a main role in a pilot project involving machine learning (IBM Watson) and natural language generation (Arria NLG)

● Get familiar with the company’s systems

● Work actively with PostgreSQL and MySQL databases

● Work actively with PHP programming language

● Work Actively with Ruby on Rails and Laravel Frameworks



Searched Profile

Profil recherché :


● Computer Science background

● Data awareness

● Knowledge of PHP programming language

● Knowledge of Ruby on Rails and Laravel Frameworks

● Knowledge of PostgreSQL and MySQL databases

● Autonomy/Curiosity


● Knowledge of French or Spanish would be an advantage

We offer

Free accomodation, utility bills, internet, transportation

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