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Account Executive

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Our objective: to advise and be your partner in all your communication projects.

Digital, activation & events, awareness, advertising, sales support, one-to-one: our experience on brands including Axe, Blédina,, Caprice des Dieux, Compo, GAMS, Febiac, MBK, Médecins Sans Frontières, Yamaha, Redveco, Rexona, Sika and UNICEF is at your service.

We build strategies based on your objectives, your brand/ product/ group/ business’ DNA, whilst respecting insights into the target you’re aiming for whatever the sector.

Once the communication plan is in fixed, we form the optimal team to achieve your goals: Optimal in respect of timing and budget: Optimal for the highest and constant demand for quality.

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Job description

Project coordination - creative briefing & follow-up - production (request for quotation & quality control) - Self-promotion

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Searched Profile

Tu dois faire un stage de minimum 3 mois dans le cadre de tes études en communication, publicité ou marketing ?

Tu es débrouillard, assertif, connecté, curieux, humain, doué en langues, passionné, motivé, précis, créatif et malin ? 

Tu penses aussi que L’UNION fait la force ?

Viens faire ton stage à L’UNION !

- - -

Are you looking for a 3 month traineeship in communications, advertising or marketing to complement your studies ?

You are a self-starter, confident, connected, curious, humane, good with languages, passionate, motivated, precise, creative and smart ?

You also believe that OUR UNION IS OUR STRENGTH ?

Well what are you waiting for ? Come and be a trainee at L’UNION.

- - -

Moet je voor je studies communicatie, reclame of marketing een stage van minstens 3 maanden doen?

Ben je een plantrekker, assertief, geconnecteerd, nieuwsgierig, menslievend, een talenknobbel, gepassioneerd, gemotiveerd, nauwkeurig, creatief en slim?  

En geloof jij ook dat EENDRACHT macht maakt?

Kom dan je stage doen bij L’UNION!

We offer

Tu veux travailler dans un environnement stimulant ? Pour des clients comme BASE, Febiac, MSF, Sika, YAMAHA ? Et te familiariser à différentes disciplines de communication (activation, digital, print, publicité) ?

Viens faire ton stage à L’UNION !

- - -

You’d like to work as a trainee in a stimulating environment ? You’d like to work for clients such as BASE, Febiac, MSF, Sika, YAMAHA and gain experience in different disciplines in communication ? (Activation, digital, print, advertising)

Well what are you waiting for ? Come and be a trainee at L’UNION.

- - -

Heb je zin om stage te lopen in een stimulerende omgeving? Om te werken voor klanten als BASE, Febiac, MSF, Sika, YAMAHA? En om te proeven van verschillende communicatiedisciplines (activering, digital, print, reclame)?

Kom dan je stage doen bij L’UNION!

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Only for undergraduate students

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