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All-rounder internship at 6Wolves in Brussels

Company description

6Wolves is a sporttech start-up, our mission is twofold: 

  • Supporting injured athletes in reducing their time to sports continuation 
  • Enabling physical therapists to scale their business model, giving back quality time for themselves and their families (in contrast with the long workweeks today)

To achieve this, we're building a wearable device (accelero, gyroscope & HR) which will be applied on a specific body part (depending on injury). Based on machine learning technology and our extensive dataset of thousands of repetitions labeled by top physical therapists & universities the wearable will be able to assess a repetition real time as correct, or 1 out of the 3 most common mistakes. An integration with a software platform & app allows therapists to objectively follow up patients' exercises performed at home, work, ... (anywhere, anytime).  

Job description

About 6Wolves:

6Wolves is on a mission to inspire people to move in a responsible & fun way. We're deploying machine learning tech to recognize & assess body weight exercises. Yes, a bit like a personal trainer, but virtual. Our wearable will allow you to work out anywhere, anytime while having the expertise of a therapist/trainer in your pocket! 

About the role:

You guessed it, machine learning means data, lots of data. Currently 6Wolves is hungry for squats! We're spending the next few months hooking people up with sensors, putting them in front of a camera & having them squat! For this we would be incredibly grateful to have a partner to help us out. Concretely, think planning data collection sessions at people dense places (business buildings, universities, ... go wild), going there with us to collect the data & we can not guarantee we won't ask for your support on other strategic business topics (market sizings, customer interviews, competitor testings, ...) 


Searched Profile

About you:

  • You're a "just-do-it" person (yeah we know, this slogan has been taken apperently...) with a pragmatic attitude?
  • You value your personal balance (physical, mental, emotional...) highly? > Time for sports, rest, health, friends & family, whatever you need... are obligatory agenda items at 6Wolves! We strongly believe only a balanced life leads to productive work, NOT long hours! 
  • You're eager to gain hands-on experience in an early stage start-up & work with a capable (take our word for it) team of founders (3 ex-strategy consultants) 
  • We don't require any specific domain or degree, we believe a growth mindset & taking responsibility are the new credentials! 

We offer

  • Close collaboration with the founding team 
  • Steep learning curve (we'll give you any task you feel motivated for!) 
  • Balanced working environment - we're building the next generation of entrepreneurship, with relentless focus on long-term sustainability for the people (mental & physical life optimization are extremely important to the founders) - we believe you know best how to structure your days & life to be optimally effective 
  • Co-working space in Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels & Leuven 
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