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App Developer / Co-creator

Company description

App development*

Hype-site creation and marketing*


Creating innovative ways to improve the user's experiences.

Looking for growth mindsets to join me on this challenge.

Job description

Creating and developing apps

Become part of an ambitious team, find yourself exploring your full potential.

Achieve your dreams!


Searched Profile

I'm looking for a co-worker, that wants to join me on this adventure of becoming more than just another employee.

Technical app developer with dreams!


Clever and creative

Preferably not a 'Debbie-downer'

We offer

An amazing adventure for everyone.

A chance to share your ideas and to test your technical skills.

A chance to achieve your dreams and be part of something great!

And in any case a chance to expand our horizons :-)


Apply now and share with me your train of thoughts on new ideas and how you want to make your dreams come true.



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Only for undergraduate students

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