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Assistant Comptable/Administratif

Company description

Since 2004, I-care Group is the international leader in Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Engineering.

With its headquarter in Belgium and subsidiaries in France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, USA, Australia, South Korea, with ambition to grow even more international, our team of 300+ engineers can service customers anywhere in the world.

I-care offers a wide range of high added value products, training and services to predict, advice and accompany its industrial customers in optimised maintenance plans, assets reliability and production availability at controlled costs by reducing the risk of unplanned shutdowns.

PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS FOR MAINTENANCE Our Predictive Analytics For Maintenance expertise includes the following technologies : ① Spectral vibration analysis, ② Oil analysis, ③ Infrared thermography, ④ Ultrasound analysis, ⑤ Electrical motor analysis, ⑥ Onsite dynamic balancing, ⑦ Laser alignment.

RELIABILITY ENGINEERING Our Reliability Engineering proposes a wide range of services, from criticality analysis to spare parts optimization through planning and scheduling or preventive maintenance procedure implementation and a lot more.

WI-CARE & I-SEE In 2013, after more than 5 years of research and development, I-care launched its Wi-care ™ product range, cutting edge of technology vibration and temperature sensors equipped with wireless transmitters, supported by I-see ™, the web data treatment portal also developed internally. Since their launch, Wi-care ™ and I-see ™ have never stopped improving and are now among the best solutions in the market for 4.0 maintenance.

I-care serves customers every day in the following industry segments : ① Process (Pharma, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Food & beverage), ② Power Generation (Nuclear, Gas, Coal, Combined, Wind), ③ Mining & Extraction, ④ OEM.

Job description

  • aide quotidienne pour l'équipe comptable, relevé courrier, classement, archivage, process validation factures, relances clients-fournisseurs, envoi et réception factures
  • encodage factures
  • accueil - réception - téléphonie
  • réception-livraison des commandes
  • avoir une bonne communication et orthographe
  • parler français et bonne connaissance en anglais. Le néerlandais est un plus.

Searched Profile

  • Assistante de direction
  • Assistante comptable
  • Comptable

We offer

Un environnement de travail dynamique et une cohésion d'équipe !!

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