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The Global Metropolis Institute

Assistant researcher and project manager

Company description

We are the first representation of a non EU municipal government for the EU active mostly in aerospace but also biotech. Although this is a government entity, the work is oriented towards business development. 

Job description

You will be asked to assist the representative in his research and project management tasks as well as perform administrative task, it is a small team and everybody must contribute. You will learn about the growing importance of cities in the context of globalization and learn about cutting edge science. Our mission is international business development so you will manage projects for companies or for government relations projects as well as perform research in these fields. It will be a valuable experience that will teach you a lot about government and business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, US, Canada, Mexico and China. There will a commitment to you to make this meaningful and worth your time.

Searched Profile

Self starter, well organized, with good communications skills and command of the English language. There are opportunities to use French and Dutch (as well as many other languages) but it is not a requiement, so the key is English. You will work in a friendly but demanding environment.


Please note that while the main office is in Brussels, you will be working in Waterloo.

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