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La Madeleine


Backend developer

Company description

ClearRoad mission is to help governments to better fund road infrastructure projects and manage traffic. We are a startup company based in New York with the R&D center in Lille, France. ClearRoad team is composed of highly technical people, from diverse backgrounds, passionate about connected vehicles and big data. ClearRoad has already hosted several internships for students from UMONS that led to job offers.


ClearRoad is giving governments the tools to manage and ensure funding for their roads using connected vehicle technologies. By standardizing connection to a growing number of sensors and smart devices, ClearRoad offers simple, cheap, and dynamic solutions to regaining control of the roadways. ClearRoad enables road pricing at all levels: road usage charges, congestion pricing, truck permitting, and beyond. ClearRoad is operating programs in Washington, Oregon, and Fremont, CA, with growing opportunities in the pipeline.

Job description

ClearRoad is looking for a 3-4 months trainee interested in developing javascript and python-based applications that process data gathered from a network of connected cars. 


ClearRoad must maintain and improve this platform for the more and more demanding projects in the United States. The platform should become a real financial clearing house, be backed up by strong cryptography, and scale for the growing amounts of data that are processed.

Searched Profile

- Passionate, self-driven

- Willingness to contribute to an open source ecosystem and the Free Software community

- Good development skills in JavaScript and/or Python

- Good skills in algorithms

- Good software development skills (version control, testing, debugging)

- Good command of English

We offer

We offer a paid internship for a period of 3 - 6 months in Lille, France.

We offer university housing in Lille if you need to relocate.

We offer ticket restaurant for covering lunch expenses.

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Only for undergraduate students

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