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Steve Skills


Company description

Currently doing a Bachelor or Master and interested in learning new skills & adding pragmatic professional experience to your background? Then this is for YOU!  

We at Steve Skills have a mission: Boosting Professional Energy. We do this by delivering an impeccable recruitment service in the fields of Supply Chain, Legal & Food. Our team breathes curiosity, generosity & ambition. We are at the heart of what drives any company: skills. Ask yourself: what skills do I want to add to my starting professional background? How can I make myself more successful?  How to kickstart my career, once freshly graduated? Apply with us for an internship if you're keen to learn to swim in the business pool!

Job description

As the sidekick of our Talent Solution Experts, you will:

  • Develop a wide perspective on how business works;  
  • Explore a niche market (Legal/Supply Chain/Food) indepth; 
  • Be shown & live every aspects of the project: matching recruitment and people 
  • Assist the Talent Solution Finders by finding missions;
  • Search for candidates;
  • Go through the trajectory from interview to placement.





Searched Profile

So if you are: 

  • Curious 
  • Open-minded 
  • Ambitious 
  • Open to making mistakes & learn 
  • A solution-minded thinker 
  • Cheerful 

And yearning for an experience you’ll leave richer in skills then when you entered 

Contact us!  


We offer

  • A wide & unique perspective on the business: handle tasks for Marketing AND Business Development 
  • A trilingual environment: English, Dutch, French
  • To improve and train your analytical and communication skills
  • An innovative, energetic & fun climate in Brussels vibrant Dansaert area

In short: you'll leave richer in skills than you entered.


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Only for undergraduate students

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