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sint agatha rode

Allround Management

Business developper

Company description

Ridge & Back is a start-up in distribution of canine snacks, food and items.

It's soul directive is the well-being of the dogs through quality that is affordable for the owners.

We like to think out of the box and we want to be to Go-To reference in the coming years. 

Job description

You are responsible to develop the commercial strategy and market in your chosen region.

You analyse what would be the best strategy, commercial support, e-support and events. You will be responsible for the work out of the entire strategy in your region, if not of the country.

you will also visit the different shops, breeders, clubs to market our products. Install the marketing products that you created and verify the visual effects.

Retain customer hapiness by returning regularly and do the follow-up of your customers desires.

We offer you a unique opportunity to be as creative as you want, with immediate results. and if you want to do take on some more responsibilities: all is open.

Searched Profile

  • You are a young do-er. 
  • you like to think outside the box
  • you are extrovert, and not afraid to take action and to approach people
  • you are methodological and straight forward
  • loving dogs is a must
  • you own a car.
  • you are not afraid to take responsabilies and move up in the company

We offer

We offer you a unique opportunity to be as creative as you want, with immediate results and fast growing responsabilities

You are part of the development of the company, so you are an person and not a number.

we offer step-in salary, but the more we grow, the more return you will have.

We offer a great, young and entrepreneurial environment were no door is closed and no question is tabou. 

If you want additional trainings, we are open to that. we will never say no to something that can help you and us grow.

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