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Business developpment internship in Brussels

Company description

Domobios is a research and development company, a spin-off of two Belgian universities. Our main activities are research, development, production and sales of products developed to control and eliminate small pests such as house dust mites, cockroaches, bedbugs …

We are biologists, and bio-engineers, specialized in the study of the behaviours of pests. We study the biology of these little pests, particularly the way they communicate with each other and the places where they like to shelter. Then, we imitate their communication (bio-mimicry) in order to lure them out of their usual shelter towards deadly traps.

We do not use synthetic insecticides to eliminate these pests; our traps pose no harm to human health.

Job description

The internship corresponds to a temporary period of presence in a professional environment during which the student acquires professional skills and uses what he has learned during training, with a view to obtaining a diploma or certification and furthering his professional integration. The intern will be entrusted with one or several missions in step with the learning project defined by his educational establishment and approved by the host organisation.

The programme is set up by the educational establishment and the host organisation based on the general programme of training followed.

- Find new prospects in the different markets where we are present, and promote the brand towards these companies

- Targeting (USA and EU) companies selling insecticides, companies selling non-toxic products against pest insects (roaches, bed bugs...)

- Establish first contact with companies (prepare and send info on our products, send ppt, send videos) then when the customer is hooked organize a conference call & send an NDA

- Attend meetings with the team and assist in the conclusion of the deal

- Search for new markets, risk analysis, market research

Team work – Written and oral communications – ethics and corporate responsibility – corporate management skills.

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We offer

1) AN INTERNSHIP IN AN ETHIC COMPANY: We offer an internship in a company whose focus is to reduce the amount of insecticides and toxicants: Indeed, our mission is to offer effective, smart, ecological and sound solutions in order to control small domestic pests (bedbugs, cockroaches, mites, etc.).


-We offer an internship in which the work will be carried out in and with the team. Your work will be informative and varied.
-It will involve looking for new customers and contacting old ones, writing effective emails to convince them, participating in the marketing operations. You will have the opportunity to participate in all the presentations and discussions, in order to train yourself for your future job.
You will not be a trainee who is asked to do photocopies and brew coffee.
-You will have the possibility to work in the office and at home.

When the covid crisis will be finished, you will travel with the team to meet the customers.

Telephone and internet costs will be covered as well as travelling costs.


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