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Business & Market Development Belgium

Company description

Zerocopy enables students to print their courses for free. All they have to do is register on, upload their courses and go to one of the Zerocopy Print Locations. This free printing service is made possible through advertising in the courses and on our website. We started with one printer in 2012 and currently we have printers in all Belgian student cities. Our ambition in Belgium is to let all students print for free and to become indispensable for companies willing to communicate with students. Yet, our biggest ambition is to roll out our service internationally. 

Job description

For the past 6 months we have been testing and working with the setting up of printing locations at Copyshops in the whole of Belgium. 


We have now found a way to work together with them, now we need more. It would be your job to on the one hand identify and discover new copyshops arround Belgium so a driver's licence is important (we'll provide a gas card), and on the other service them so they are happy and more students can print out their courses. The focus of this internship will lay in Wallonia. 

Searched Profile

- You have a business proficiency level of French and English

- You have an entrepreneurial mindset

- You are willing to learn and eager to perform

- You understand what client focussed means and pursue this in every contact 

We offer

Zerocopy has raised capital for the first time after 5 years of iterating to a profitable business model, this mean investsments in growth, scalability and people. We are on the verge of internationalisation and continuously innovating, improving and growing our service model. If you join today you can end up in a core position of an international organisation. Furthermore, we have a specialist team motivated by passion and perfomance that is willing to teach you all they know on management, entrepreneurship, sales & marketing to allow you to excel in your position at zerocopy as well as prepare you for a successful career in business. 

Looking forward to working with you! 

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