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Communication & Marketing Strategy Manager

Company description

Huapii is a one-stop employee experience platform that transforms way of working and Unleash people, teams & organizations. 

huapii values : 

  • People first ! It’s a human adventure! 
  • Team at the core 
  • No judgement
  • We take accountability
  • Help & ask for help
  • Fail, Learn, GROW

More action, less talk ! 

  • Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness
  • Take ownership
  • Sense and respond: team feeling & quick action above extensive control

Radical transparency 

  • Direct feedback loops
  • "Decision by advice": take decisions while getting advice of others

Job description

Looking for an exciting communication and marketing internship in a purpose driven start up ?  ?

We are looking for a Communication & Marketing Strategy Manager at  huapii.

Joining our team is having the opportunity to take part in an exciting entrepreneurial journey at its early stage, with the objective to create and develop the basis of the whole communication and marketing strategy ! 

Your role:

✅ Managing the Inbound Marketing strategy 

✅ Managing our social network visibility 

✅ Participate in the creation of our website 

✅ Participation organisation of events 

✅ Competitive intelligence and market analysis





Searched Profile

Your happiness toolkit to enjoy your internship : 

✅ Entrepreneurial mindset 

✅ Curiosity and creativity 

✅ Autonomy 

✅ Master english (oral and writting)  

We offer

We offer : 

✅ Flexible workplace (we have offices in Mechelen and a headquarter in Brussels) 

✅ The opportunity to create an implement a communication and marketing strategy from the start 

✅ High autonomy and responsibilities  

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Only for undergraduate students

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