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Creative Talent to connect great talent with great companies

Company description

At (work with a company culture), we have a mission to find great companies and connect them with great talent. We believe that the new generation of jobseekers are looking for an envirronement that allows them to grow and we therefore focus on hand-picked companies with a great culture to recruit the best talent.



Job description

Just like time, jobseeking has changed during all these years. We went from worth-of-mouth, ads in newspaper to online recruiting. During these years, also the jobseekers interests have changed, it made a switch from what the next paycheck will be to 'am I happy in the enviroment where I am working'? 

At Worcc (work with a company culture), we are looking for a creative talent that shares our passion about connecting great talent with great companies. Since we believe that people should only do what they believe they should be doing, we are keeping the function description short since we are just there to guide, not to tell you what to do. 

Here are some things you might be doing:

- Write blogposts about company culture, workplace environement, new HR, ...

- Update facebook with articles you believe are valuable to the new generation jobseekers.

- Work together with marketing team to make sure your articles are spread across as many people as possible

- Interview jobseekers and young talent about their interests and what they are looking for in their jobs

- Responsible for the growth of our online presence.




Searched Profile

- Open-minded (having travelled a lot is a big advantage)

- Shared interest for the future of HR

- Great at using the 10 fingers we received to created valuable content for the new generation jobseekers.

- Always looking for the next thing to learn

- Organized person


Summarized, a great personality that isn't afraid of getting their hands dirty.

We offer

- Team of young, talented people to work with 

- Office space in Antwerp, Kortrijk or Gent.

- Travel expenses

- Pizza night (you can order pasta too)

- Amazing experience in a fast moving environment.

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Only for undergraduate students

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