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Customer Strategy

Company description

As a leader in smart mobility, Be-Mobile offers a wide array of solutions to help public authorities, road operators and private companies improve daily mobility for travelers. Be-Mobile uses the power of connected vehicles and travelers to monitor traffic 24/7. Fusing live and historical data from connected vehicles, road sensors, traffic operators and multimodal mobility sources, Be-Mobile helps provide actionable traffic management. Traffic flows are optimized via the Be-Mobile Big Data platform, bringing traffic control messages both on dynamic road signs, as personalized messages into smartphones and on dashboards.

Job description

Project - New product introduction:

Be-Mobile is on the move with new products, aspiring to share our beliefs with governments, local authorities, road operators and logistic companies on the benefits of Smart Mobility.
New products, new markets, new clients and new channels demands us to work out processes to assure qualitative kick-off and follow-up services that Be-Mobile embodies.

This project embraces two main focusses:
- Developing a helicopter view that’s necessary to understand what needs to be done after launching a new product. This enables you to select the key elements to rewrite and implement your new process and clear communication lines. Concretely you’ll be working on a new product launch in EU country, exciting right?
- Taking a deep dive in the world of different selling channels to identify which ones fit to Be-Mobile. In this search, it’s important to keep track of pricing, culture of the region and scale of selling. That way you embrace all key elements to select the best possible channel.

During this project, you’ll be partnering with the sales manager of one of our four business units. Doing so, you get opportunities to gain expertise in different domains of sales that ensures added value to your education and personal development.

Searched Profile

As a Be-Mobile intern you:

  • Want to taste what it’s like on the sales shopfloor by learning from an experienced salesperson negotiation with clients.
  • Are triggered to communicate on an international level in Dutch French and English
  • Are you eager to learn ( as much as we’re eager to learn from you).
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset that allows you to face problems, think in terms of solutions and take initiatives.
  • Thrive in a technical environment and get energized from the prospect of working with Smart Mobility solutions.

We offer

We gladly invest in you by offering:

  • High-quality coaching and training from our professional, dynamic and enthusiastic sales team. We value your opinion a and strive for open two way feedback at all times
  • Real business projects concerning challenges in traffic on an international level
  • Top-notch expertise in Smart Mobility
  • Weekly group fitness and team events
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