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Customer Success manager

Company description

Headminer is a modern social business magazine. Our online network helps companies to showcase expertise and connect with decision takers.

In a nutshell,

  1. Is a business network that reinvents the company page
  2. Allows exploring of expertise and craftsmanship
  3. Supports the creation of authentic quality content
  4. Generates engagement with customers through interest
  5. Facilitates Hubs, join a new and growing community

We're company-first, forever ad-free and reward quality content.

Job description

We're looking for a motivated sales & marketing intern with a digital heartbeat that is eager to help us with:

  1. Customer success management
  2. Onboarding new companies 
  3. Help those companies to populate the platform with business content 
  4. Collect feedback for improvement
  5. Setting up digital marketing campaigns

We'll offer you a great learning opportunity in a growing SaaS venture.

Searched Profile

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Growth Marketeer
  • Sales & Markerting Manager
  • Business Development Manager

We offer

We'll offer you a great learning opportunity in a growing SaaS venture. We'll provide you with coaching and a clear strategy that you can follow. If all goes well, we'll give you more responsibility such as closing partnership deals with marketing agencies.

Remote work is preferred, although meetings can happen in the historical center of Antwerp.

Renumeration will be based on maturity and performance. If you can proof bring great value, sweat equity can be discussed. 

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Only for undergraduate students

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