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Digital Internships @Tricount

Company description

Tricount is a belgian Fintech (regularly #1 on the App Store in FR). 

Driving on vacation, Jean pays gasoline, but this is Yves who rented the car. Shopping?... it has been paid by Marie. Don't forget that Lucy remains with us only one week instead of two... How to easily balance these expenses?

With already millions of users, Tricount is the solution to easily split bills with your friends : going on a trip with friends, sharing a flat, couples? Tricount makes it easy to see who paid for what, and who owes what.

It is mostly used in France, Belgium, Spain and Germany, but it is expanding in other markets as well. 

Job description

Our team: Tricount is a small team of senior people + a group of investors at our side to drive the strategy & ambitions. As such, we are offering an internship in one of the following fields :

Digital Marketing: tasks such as Business Intelligence (market analysis, competitors, …) & App Store optimisation are key, as well as reviewing the web ecosystem.

Paid User Acquisition: highly creative and proactive mindest required, avid to learn by himself if required. Participate in strategy, set-up and follow-up of user acquisitions. using paid campaigns, definition of KPIs, reporting. Google Ads (display, remarketing, vidéo, YouTube, Universal Campaigns), Display (native ads & classical), (re)targeting, remarketing, similar audiences on Google / Facebook, programatic RTB, affiliation, Boost on stores, SEA, Firebase, Google Tag Manager (GTM),...

Business Analysis & Strategy: explore possible additional revenues streams; canvassing of target communities in regions well-known by the interns (preferably home country); identifying and contacting potential partners; participation in team brainstorm & strategy sessions every week. Keywords: engineer, university degree, MBA

Technical Profile: actively participate in the analysis, Architecture, development & testing of the revamped applications (iOS, Android, Windows, Web, Facebook) and website. Tech keywords : Java, JEE, J2EE, Maven, Spring, Android SDK, iOS SDK, GWT, javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Jekyll, mobile developer, iphone, backend, back-end, frontend, front-end…

Graphism: graphical creation for our apps, website and community management, reflexion on our graphical identity, ergonomy and UX. Design keywords: graphic designer, mobile apps, websites, illustrations, HTML, CSS, iOS & Android guidlines, Photoshop, Gimp, Sketch, Illustrator, autonomy, creativity, rigor, committed to result, practical reason, high artistical sensibility, UX/UI design,...

Data Analysis: understanding usage of the application, of our users, correlate and model these to improve data harvesting, drive product revamp and communication channels. Data analysis keywords : data mining, data analysis, BI, DI, machine learning, clustering, Python, R, Google Analytics, Matlab, Octave, SQL, C++, Cypher, Neo4j...

Community Management: Tasks such as : social media analysis & animation, content creation, copywriting skills, news watch, …. Engagement with influencers & potential partners is also key. CM keywords : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, partnerships,...

(Pre)sale : contact and meet potential customers and partners, showcase Tricount, present and developp ideas generating revenues for Tricount or growth, get their feedback, sell our adversting space. Pre-sales keywords: commercial, vendor, contact, proactive, creative, autonomy, negociation skills, customer-driven, be driven by revenue or community growth.

Legal : review all legal aspect

Searched Profile

Candidates should be at least bilingual (English + other language), have a clear focus of their personal objectives and have a strong motivation. This motivation should be easy to demonstrate with prior knowledge in the chosen field : ie someone applying for Data Analysis should already have some readings, perhaps some fiddling with mainstreams analytics tools, etc.

We offer

Interns will have real challenges & specific responsibilities, and will receive full support & coaching. Internships will be based in our brand new offices @Silversquare (Avenue Louise).

Wanna be part of the adventure?

Come and see from inside how an ambitious startup looks like, and help us achieve even more succes?

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Only for undergraduate students

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