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Digital Marketer/Growth hacker

Company description

Scorrd is a digital community platform that connects athletes in a relevant matter with all the stakeholders of their sport and even beyond. We want to provide a marketplace which connects athletes from anywhere around the world. 

We start our pilot in the field hockey market, an continously rising sport.

Launched end of February 2018, Scorrd has become a certainty in the hockey wordl, reaching the 10,000 members. 

We're looking for ambitious young people, preferably with a passion for sports and skilled in digital marketing. Scorrd has been created by a Spanish-Belgian founding team and is continously looking for extra talent, with an international focus.

Our launching video, as well as plenty of other materials, is available on facebook and instragram when you look for Scorrd.

Job description

From Jan - summer :

  • Digital marketing
  • Content creation 
  • Operational community management
  • Digital Creative development

Searched Profile

Minimum 21y old.

preferably some affinity with: 

  • Sport, And/or
  • growth hacking

All business is in English. SPeaking/understanding frecnh/dutch/spanish is a plus. 

We offer

highly flexible and challenging working envrionment. 

You'll be working from Barcelona and/or Antwerp. We ask for a certain maturity to work idependently. 

After the internship, a fixed job is a possibility. 

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Only for undergraduate students

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