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Nepal Reliance Organization

Education and Teaching Internship in Nepal

Company description

Nepal Reliance Organization (NRO) is a not for profit non-governmental organization managed by women established in 2002. It has received a legal registration with the Social Welfare Council. Our goal is to contribute to the long term sustainable development in our country, Thus we stimulate Nepalese active pro bono participation and we call for the solidarity of overseas volunteers.

NRO welcomes international volunteers to the great valleys of the Himalayas in Nepal and their positive contributions in a developing country with a robust and rich culture. It has been designed to attract volunteers from all over the world. NRO gives them the opportunity to make a difference in our villages and urban areas.

NRO provides volunteers with community support and cultural experiences through carefully organized programs. In addition, they have time for adventure and exploration. Volunteer activities are already having a positive impact on a variety of community programs. Volunteers from all over the world return back home with everlasting memories of the time spent in Nepal,

NRO volunteer programs are available to individuals, families and groups of all ages who have a genuine desire to help others who are less fortunate. We have flexible categories of programs that run throughout the year that include the following: English and Literacy, Orphanages, Primary Health Care and Medical, Cultural Immersion, Environmental Issues, Monastery, Internships and Gap Year.

Job description

Education and teaching interns are introduced to a community to teach kindergarten, primary and secondary school children the English language and other school subjects with an emphasis on literacy and cross-curriculum learning. No teaching experience is necessary.

Searched Profile

Psychology and Educational Services
Education and Teaching

We offer

Orientation and Nepali language training
Meals and accommodations
Airport pick up and transportation to and from placement
Supervision and 24 hour support

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