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Ubiz Acceleration

Finance Lead internship

Company description

Based in Brussels (not so far VUB/ULB), is the new thematic business development driven acceleration program for tech startups.

Ubiz offers a dedicated track to Africa tech & sustainable development tech with an investment & acceleration module. Mentoring by the best & tight contacts with the international financing world are our unfair advantage. We welcome highly selected startups & mentors from allover the world.

Job description

We are looking for a Finance lead, savvy in accounting, Financial & Business plan reviews for minimum 3 months.
We are looking for the following skills (if all are gathered, that would be great) will be expected from you :

  • provide assistance to companies in their fundraising process
  • provide assistance to companies in the case of ICO
  • administrative assistance (marketing/commercial)

You will be based in Brussels with clients based in Europe & Africa. You are a final year student in Finance & banking and are looking to learn a profession - with the possibility to start a job among us. Corporate & Investment Banking is what you want to do.

Searched Profile

This internship post would fit best for students in finance, but is kept open to any strong self-learning profile. 

We are looking for the following skills :

  • financial analytics (modelization)
  • Participation to validation of BO
  • Support to redaction of MOU, White Papers in relation with Partners and clients
  • Redaction of presentations (pitch) to support our clients & for internal needs
  • operationnal support to our team members

You must have an excellent knowledge of financial analysis, master Suite Office
Lots of stress sometimes, but you can bear it with a smile.
If you are only available half-time, just let us know, for specific missions that could do.

But most of all :

  • be a learner, be curious, try things, start again..
  • be fast-paced

We like (very much) unconventional profiles, serious & dedicated, but off-track.
Pragmatism & result oriented are qualities we like.

Living in Brussels is a strong asset.

We offer

  • a demanding environment where you can experiment
  • personal metrics that show your impact (we'll certify this on your internship report)
  • an expanded vision of the world (Finance, Europe & Africa) that will probably make you consider life differently
  • possibly... a job at the end with us, or with our numerous partners if you managed to show the warrior inside you (& yep we have track records proving we are serious on that).
  • experienced mentorship (top notch)
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Only for undergraduate students

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