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Front-end developer

Company description

Valpeo is a business intelligence platform that provides an organization with a fully integrated insight into the level at which value is created, the consistency with the strategic objectives, the extent to which culture and organizational structure is aligned, the current and future potential of talent – candidates and employees - to maximize performance and development, the applied reward policy and how the Board acts as a catalyst.

Job description

You will assist in the further development of our website and application.

The internship can be in either semester for at least one month.

Searched Profile

You’re a Javascript developer in heart and soul.

You have experience with Java test frameworks like Mocha and Karma.

You’re fluent in ES2015 and know how to work with (S)CSS.

You’re familiar with automation tools like grunt.

Minifying, sourcemaps, browserify, etc. carry no secrets for you.

You have experience with browser testing and debugging.

You always look for solutions from a consumer-oriented point of view.

Your learning curve is short and steady.

You’re responsible, careful and you have attention to detail.

You can work as good in a team as on your own.

We offer

The opportunity to join a creative team that appreciates your initiatives and proposals.

Compensation is negotiable.

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Only for undergraduate students

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