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Full-stack developer

Company description

BubblyDoo is an e-commerce start-up making fully personalized children's books selling in Flanders, The Netherlands and Germany.

Job description

BubblyDoo is looking for a driven full-stack developer, with experience in Angular, and who is passionate about web technologies.

We're a young and ambitious team who are bringing full personalization to the children toys market.

We focus on creating great products by writing great code. We'll work closely together and learn through code review.

The best internship I have ever had, I learned a lot!
- Salah, intern 2020-2021

We pick our fights: we try not to reinvent the wheel, but use the best the internet has to offer and build from there.

We like developers who come up with creative solutions to problems. Experimentation is encouraged. We want you to become a better programmer during your internship.

What we're looking for is a developer who can help us improve our platform. There's a lot to do, so contact us to see which projects are available!

The technologies you'll use extensively are:

  • Angular
  • Serverless: both AWS Lambda & Cloudflare Workers, using Serverless Framework
  • Amazon Web Services: S3, Lambda, Step Functions, RDS, ElastiCache, and more

The technologies you'll get in touch with include:

  • Puppeteer
  • Vue
  • Segment, Google Analytics, Facebook APIs for analytics
  • Google Optimize for A/B testing
  •, for analytics visualization
  • Semaphore CI and Github Actions for CI/CD
  • Retool, for prototyping
  • Adobe Photoshop UXP plugins
  • Adobe XD for mockups
  • Open source collaboration when needed
  • Observables with RxJS
  • Jest, Cypress and Percy for testing
  • Scrum/Agile working
  • SEO, OpenGraph and Core Web Vitals
  • The basic stuff: Git, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, REST, ...

We strive to use the latest technologies within BubblyDoo. Our codebase is completely in TypeScript and most of the backend is run in Lambdas. This lets us focus on building great products instead of dealing with infrastructure.

Does it sound like you'd give us a try? Contact us and we'll see what we can do for each other!

Searched Profile

Students with experience in Angular, looking to learn more about the technologies mentioned above, and willing to join us in creating a wonderful customer experience.

We offer

An enriching experience in an ambitious startup.

Our office is at Birdhouse in Antwerp, where there's free coffee and a frequently used pingpong table.

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