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GenePlaza SPRL

Fullstack developer for multicloud apps

Company description

We are a startup making a market place for genetic applications. We are located in an incubator at the Havenlaan in Molenbeek.

If you prefer an half-time internship, that's fine too. We are also flexible for the duration of the internship.

Job description

Full stack internship @ GenePlaza for cost optimisation of web-apps with multi cloud integrations

As an intern you will have to develop and optimize an existing online platform which includes backend and frontend APIs written in PHP, Node, Ember, and React. All these services run or use different clouds including AWS, Digital Ocean, and Google.

The intern will be responsible for:

  • UpdatIng our Laravel framework to latest stable version for the consumer API
  • need to rewrite all JSON API implementation as used package is not compatible with the newer version.
  • Implement jobs and queuing system for asynchronous operations, and make a lot of operation asynchronous to optimize the UX.
  • Check all security
  • Make the consumer API fetch the applications from the developer API
  • Currently we duplicate the apps in both DBs
  • Replace developer api with laravel or node js
  • Add CI and auto deployment
  • Implement jobs too and add auto restart in case of failure
  • Add front end to the developer api
  • Some frontend optimisations and changes to the Ember application
  • Optimize costs of cloud:
  • Replace tax app server to serverless architecture
  • example move to Wasabi storage
  • Replace genetic imputation pipeline
  • Use spot instances
  • Explore user’s raw data encryption on the cloud
  • Currently the data is not encrypted which is a liability
  • Add sharing of the genetic app results
  • Build and visualize metrics of the customers and genetic apps
  • Implement genetic app rating

Searched Profile

We are looking for candidats with some IT knowledge in application development. If you know PHP or node, etc ... and you are willing to learn more it's good.

We offer

We unfortunatly cannot pay you, but you can learn a lot and have a lot of autonomy. We are in an incubator, so if you are thinking of starting once your own startup you can already experience what it is, making a network and get knowledgeable of it.

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