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Elium Academy

Graphic and web design

Company description

Elium Academy is one of the tech leading European start-up that offers 12-week bootcamps in either Full Stack Web Development and Growth Hacking in Brussels, Belgium. 

Our Full Stack Web Development bootcamp covers MERN stacks, NodeJS and React as front-end and back-end technologies. Elium Academy curriculum is co-created with partner tech companies such as Cronos or Accenture to ensure students are learning the most relevant and up to date technologies.

Job description

Elium is a tech education startup that focuses on the creation of the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.(in partnership with Accenture, startit@kbc, Cronos , among other of the best tech companies in Belgium)

(Only English required)You will be in charge of the creation of content and branding products with a business focus to attract applicants and companies to our web development and growth hacking bootcamps. During your time at elium you will focus in the creation of a luxury feeling and brand recognition for the academy. Your responsibilities will enclose changing design of our website, creating banners, designing human centric presentations and curriculums, social media content design  among any other startup need.

Searched Profile

We are looking for a dynamic person, with passion about the implementation of technology in business, but that recognizes the importance of user interface and beauty of design to influence business decisions.


We offer

Around to 300 EUR /Month during internship. (Compensation of transport);

You will have a budget for creation of material;

We will train you in business , entrepreneurship and technology( if you like to learn how to code we can also help with that).

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Only for undergraduate students

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