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Brecht Van Dam Salon

Hairdressing Apprenticeship

Company description

New hair salon in Brussels near central station, with an inspiring team ready to learn and to teach. Also an art gallery, we are liberal thinking and hard working young individuals. The salon style is minimalist and warm with high quality products not easily found in other parts of Brussels. 




Job description

We are posting this job to have another valued member of our team. There is opportunity for promotion and growth. We are are small salon with liberal ideas and who want to teach.


This job is ideal for someone with an interest in art and fashion, and is easy going but with professional drive. We first and foremost need someone keen on learning about colouring hair, but anyone with hairdressing skills will be considered. 


Languages Needed - Basic English, and/or fluent French/Dutch


Responsibilities include

  • Welcoming clients into the salon, offering drinks and hanging up jackets 
  • Ensuring the salon is tidy and presentable by sweeping hair and folding towels, etc. 
  • Doing shampoos and colour rinses as needed 
  • Doing natural dries and blowdries 
  • Reception eg. answering phone, taking appointments (once you are comfortable in the salon) 

What you will learn

  • How to engage with clients professionally 
  • How to multitask under time pressure
  • Blow drying hair 
  • Colouring hair
  • Cutting hair 


We attend as many hair seminars as possible in order to learn and grow as a team. With the right person, we will share our knowledge with you and you will grow to be an excellent hairdresser with a broad range of skills. 


Searched Profile

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We offer

We offer an opportunity to grow and learn in the field of hairdressing. The internship is paid according to the contract provided by your school. We will offer promotions and pay rises according to performance.

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Only for undergraduate students

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