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Big Media Group

Intenship in Media (webdesign and video production)

Company description

Big Media Group has grown in recent years into a leading multi-media publishing company.

The media landscape is constantly changing, therefore we invest every day in developing new and innovative products.
Our greatest strength is our people. That's why we offer our employees a wide range of opportunities for growth and by numerous internal and external training opportunities.

We have several products both, nationally and internationally such as Manager Magazine, Maxlife Lifestyle, Manager TV, The European Times, US-Television and Asia Business Channel.

Job description

During your internship at Big Media Group, you will be able to explore the following areas:

1. Web design & Web programming
2. Video production and processing
3. Newsletter design and production

1. Websites:
• Develop and design websites for our own use and customers
• Maintain and update websites
• Update of all internal websites web programmers (php and mysql)
• Design of animated or 3D banners
• Follow new developments and implement them in websites / video productions.
• Internet: Domain name registration, hosting website, hosting management

2. Video production – processing:
• Video Productions: tailor-made homemade video clips
• Video Editing (CD / DVD / video clips website)
• Streaming video (video on websites)
• Technical support deliver information to employees for both web and video editing
• Technical missions with web programming
• Creating carrier medium for video DVD: design + interactive menus (Encore)
• Archiving Videos: Archive includes CDs and DVDs
• Follow new developments and implement them in websites / video productions.
• Filming Video: Cameraman at the request of firms during Launches, Company Happenings, customers, etc.
• Video Installation: Installation of these recordings to promotional video productions.

3. Newsletters:
• Layout and send newsletters
• Designing newsletters and sending mailings

Simultaneously you will have to closely follow new trends in the media landscape.

Searched Profile

• Huge passion for media practices
• Commercial mindset
• Team work spirit
• Strong character
• Proactive and innovative
• Energetic personality
• Highly professional
• Fluent in English and Dutch
• Knowledge of Adobe Suites (at least Premiere Pro or any other editing software)
• Knowledge of film creation process (from idea and script to shooting and editing)
• Knowledge of using professional equipment.

We offer

Accommodation if needed
Chance to be part of an international company with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

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Only for undergraduate students

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