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Fremach Izegem

Internship Continuous Improvement (CI) / industrialisation (I)

Company description

We are part of you.

For almost 50 years, we have built a reputation as a leading European supplier of innovative and often complex plastic automotive components.

We have become established as a premium supplier to the automotive industry by applying our technical know-how to manufacture complex, high-quality automotive components to the highest technical standards.

Through our commitment to quality, ongoing innovation and technical capabilities, and because of our people and the environment in which we operate, we expect to exceed our customer needs.

By providing parts that are integral to your business— we are part of you.

  • People: Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. 
  • Portfolio: Delivering quality products to our customers that anticipate and satisfy their customers’ needs. 
  • Partners: Creating partnerships with customers and suppliers, so that together we generate mutual, enduring value. 
  • Planet: Being a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities.

Job description

We zijn een productiebedrijf dat plastic onderdelen maakt voor auto's, via spuitgietmachines. We doen ook flocking, dit is het fluwelen laagje in bv. het handschoenkastje van de auto's. De machines die de flocking laag maken zijn veel fijner en beweeglijker tov de spuitgietmachines.

We zoeken een stagiair die op de werkvloer rechtstreeks samenwerkt met onze 'Industrialisation Team Leader'. Naar mijn persoonlijke mening, een zeer fijne man. Guillaume is Franstalig maar kan ook een aardig mondje Engels.

Het omschrijven waarmee we graag willen dat de stagiair in contact komt op vlak van 'CI & I' omvat heel wat. Ik ging even ten rade bij Guillaume:

Op vlak van I:

  • Project Milestone
  • Packaging knowledge
  • Product/process knowledge
  • FMEA

Op vlak van CI:

  • 5S
  • SMED
  • Time analysis
  • VSM
  • 8D
  • Flux analysis
  • Kanban

Graag hoor ik het indien er interesse is, of jullie nog vragen hebben of any thing, any time.

Dank jullie wel, groeten!


We are a production company that makes plastic parts for cars, using injection molding machines. We also do 'flocking', this is the velvet layer in the glove compartment of the cars. The machines that make the flocking layer are much finer and more agile compared to the injection molding machines.

We are looking for a trainee who works directly with our 'Industrialization Team Leader' on the working floor. To my personal opinion, a very nice man. Guillaume is French but  also speaks English.

The description of 'CI & I' encompasses contains a lot. So, I went to Guillaume for a moment:

In the area of ​​I:

  • Project Milestone
  • Packaging knowledge Product / process knowledge
  • FMEA

In terms of CI:

  • 5S
  • SMED
  • Time analysis
  • VSM
  • 8D
  • Flux analysis
  • Kanban

I would love to hear if you are interested, if you have any questions or  .. any thing, any time: call me!

Thank you, greetings!

Searched Profile

Interesse in industrialisation / continuous improvement

We offer

Uitdagende werkplaats, toffe mentor en inspraak voor jou

Challenging work place, cool mentor, participation

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