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Fyteko SA

Internship in Biochemistry / Chemistry

Company description

Fyteko is a young innovative company developing and producing advanced plant biostimulants.  
Our mission is to address the key challenges that many areas of the world are facing today due to climate change. Even in an environment of increasingly scarce resources, we know that we can make a difference in countering the adverse effects of events such as droughts and heats. 
Part of an extensive R&D collaborative network, fyteko works with professional researchers and biotechnology experts on finding new sustainable solutions to guarantee and increase yields in full respect of agriculture values and practices. 

Job description

 Objective of the internship: Biochemical synthesis, purification, analysis and biostimulant formulation.

Your main tasks in the laboratory:

Biochemical synthesis of specific compounds;
Purification using chromatography methods;
Analysis on HPLC;
Participation in the development of an optimal agronomic formulation: mix, emulsion, and combination of different active molecules;
Maintain laboratory clean;

Minimum duration of the internship : 3 months

Searched Profile

Passionate about new developments, you have good general scientific knowledge (biology, physics, mathematics…) but you’re particularly interested in chemistry and synthesis of new compounds. Fast learner, you are able to work independently in the laboratory and focus on concrete progress, in order to participate actively in a fast growing start-up.

This is a non paid internship in a international and fast growing environment.

We offer

Please not this is a non paid internship (a university convention is compulsory).

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Only for undergraduate students

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