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Internship: Marketing, Community Manager and Sales

Company description

Odyseed is a Belgian start up developping affordable solutions for automated urban agriculture, especially in vertical and rooftop farming. Odyseed provides the easiest way to grow small fruit and vegetables, but also teaches you everything you need to know on gardening and how to use your plants.

Job description

You will participate in most of the events, meetings and debates of the company, thus contributing in the development of the product line and services offered by Odyseed.

The intern will be « followed » by the whole team and will be working in the Marketing&Sales department.

We are seeking for a community manager being currently in its master degree.

The community manager will:

- Monitor the e-reputation of the company by identifying the web communities that can build brand awareness and defining the community’s objectives.
- Develop the e-reputation of the company by using IT and retaining and enhancing the community
- Define a presence on the social networks strategy
- Manage the social networks
- Organize exchanges within the community with a focus on the community experience
- Manage a blog.

Searched Profile

The community manager must have good knowledge on the themes that unite the community, best practices, social and community networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and such), TI and software for content production on the web. The community manager should also be able to create partnerships and events to reunite the community.

We offer

Internship: minimum 36 working days (longer periods accepted) for training and acquisition of competences.
Starts at: 01/10/2017 (latter requests accepted)
Localization: Brussels
Interest: passionate experience guaranteed. You will have the opportunity to help the development of a start-up where you can really move things and have an important impact
Remuneration: non-remunerated, but possibility to join the team full time later-on.

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Only for undergraduate students

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