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Internship Preventie Adviseur - Safety

Company description

We are part of you.

For almost 50 years, we have built a reputation as a leading European supplier of innovative and often complex plastic automotive components.

We have become established as a premium supplier to the automotive industry by applying our technical know-how to manufacture complex, high-quality automotive components to the highest technical standards.

Through our commitment to quality, ongoing innovation and technical capabilities, and because of our people and the environment in which we operate, we expect to exceed our customer needs.

By providing parts that are integral to your business— we are part of you.

  • People: Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. 
  • Portfolio: Delivering quality products to our customers that anticipate and satisfy their customers’ needs. 
  • Partners: Creating partnerships with customers and suppliers, so that together we generate mutual, enduring value. 
  • Planet: Being a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities.

Job description


Naast een dolkomisch programma: oprechte waarheid! Niets zonder preventie en veiligheid.

Searched Profile

Wij zijn op zoek naar een enthousiaste leerling(e) die samen met onze preventie-adviseur Valerie op vlak van preventie en veiligheid zijn kennis wil aanscherpen op een 'productie-werkvloer', een kritische blik werpen op onze organisatie en een aantal zaken wil ondernemen.

We offer

Een leuke en uitdagende stageplaats waar het elke dag, maar dan ook elke dag net iets anders loopt dan je had gedacht :)


Kazi competences

Discover below the values and teamroles that are important for this job. Do the Kazi-test to see if you are matching with those competences.


A creative type thinks outside of the box. They are experts on the issue and work hard at innovation. In a group, they come up with creative solutions for existing challenges.
A visionary/strategist has a clear vision for the future and the direction in which one must go. In a team, the employee takes on tasks that the group has to critically examine with respect to long-term relevance.


In this job, accuracy and detail-oriented work are priorities.
In this job, it is important to continue training. This allows the employee to further develop and for career opportunities to materialize—both within the position, as well as toward another position. There is a lot of freedom in the order in which the tasks can be performed.

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Only for undergraduate students

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