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Looking for: Right-hand of the co-founders. (M/F/X)

Company description



We are Veloccino, a Brussels based street bike project founded by us, Florianne and Carlos, a Belgian and a Mexican entrepreneur who combine our passion for high quality products and excellent customer service with our disruptive ‘go-to-market’ mind-set.
We put together the flavours, colours, feelings, values and innovation of our cultures and backgrounds to bring a new ‘on the go’ concept that offers a tasty experience on the Brusseleir streets.

We only work with the best local partners, just like us, they love their customers and make only the yummiest products. Of course they are the most sustainable possible.

Veloccino is biking on the streets, going to events and markets. We are present wherever the tasty wheels can go and wherever a customer is ready to receive a fresh product and taste a new experience.  As we are a tricycle, we can be mobile and/or fixed in markets or events. But in any case you will meet us in one of our different street route

Job description

To meet our ambitious coffee goals, we are now looking for a flexible and autonomous right-hand intern who can help us on our daily operations as well as putting his/her brain together with us to think about the best growth strategies for the company.

Your missions will include (but might evolve in time):

Business development: On the field, as well as strategically, we are expecting to grow our sales week by week. For this, we need to find the best spots in town, pitch our project to the Brussels municipalities, develop our partnerships, develop new sales channels like corporate events, stay on the lookout for grants, keep an eye on competition, etc…

Sales: Our barista Noa is responsible to make the best coffee in town, but you will monitor and analyse the numbers together with us. What is selling best and where? What products is our customer looking for? So what should be our product strategy? How can we promote better our concept? What type of promotions should we offer? And ofcourse, implement all those findings.

Communication: We need to be ‘out-there’. For that, you will send our press-release and follow up for publishing in the press. You will elaborate, together with us, a 1 year communication plan, you will be responsible of daily community management by talking about our products, but also about our values on instagram + facebook so that we create the best fans and community in town. Our website is there, but it needs to be better. You will find out how we can have a more ‘professional looking’ website, by updating it yourself or search for an alternative

Operations: Be in contact with the barista to follow up with the daily operations, fix daily problems that could come up, follow up with inventory (we don’t want our clients miss their daily coffee fix ;) ) Keep in touch with our partners/suppliers so that we are always aligned with them on what we propose in our assortment

Human resources: together with the co-founders, we want you to brainstorm about our HR strategy and develop HR setups

Strategy: Together with the team, we want you to think about the strategy of growth in the evolution of the company.

Searched Profile

Looking for the unicorn:

  • You are interested in entrepreneurship, you might even want to set up your own company soon
  • You are a hands-on person who can make his hands dirty (also literally, we own a bike, sometimes things break and need to be repaired)
  • You speak at least English and French. Dutch or Spanish is a plus
  • You are easygoing, diplomat, convincing and autonomous
  • You are ambitious and want to learn fast
  • You are solution driven, stress-resistant and hard working
  • You LOVE coffee and are interested in our values: sustainable mobility, local economy and exceptional customer service

We offer

You will be working with us, Carlos and Florianne, we have both owned businesses before and are working hard together with Noa, our barista to make this new one work.

You will have some responsibilities as an intern that only few start-ups can offer and you will not have one, but two mentors to guide you through your internship. You will be able to discover, and participate actively to all facets of small growing company. We expect that you will grow among other things, your problem-solving, creative thinking, organizational and entrepreneurial skills.

In a nutshell, you want to be part of a small startup that has the ambition to grow fast and smart in Belgium? Do you want to be on the field (while drinking one of the best coffee of Brussels) but also use your brains and analytical skills to grow the company? If you are happy to make your hands dirty and embark on the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, then we are curious and eager to meet you and maybe welcome you to our super team

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