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Marketing Assistant - Strategic Marketing & Business Development

Company description

Neareo is revolutionary marketing automation startup based in Brussels (Quartier Louise). Neareo has developed a data science oriented solution for brands in the retail, food and Horeca sectors.

Neareo can act as a bridge between the offline and online communications channels. Our bots are specially designed to interact with a customer on his smartphone and can use the camera, GPS and apps to generate interactivity that will enrich his experience in real-life.

For the end-consumer, our technology is seamless and does not need any app download or account registration. For enterprises, our botbuilder backend lets the marketing team build « no code » HTML bots, define goals and generate vasts amounts of datapoints as well as actionnable analytics that will feed the company's CRM and serve as a base for strategic planning.


Job description

You are applying for a successfull startup that received several prizes for its new marketing technology. We are looking for students willing to have important responsabilites in:

  • International Business Development
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Development Ideas
  • Content Copywriting
  • Use Case Presentation Deck 
  • Landing Pages and Onboarding Pages Creation
  • UI/UX 

Searched Profile

Someone that can think out of the box, who is truly inspired by the project and motivated,and who speaks English and French. A six Months internship is a must, 3 Months min.

Please send a cover letter explaining why you are interested in our startup, what type of internship you are looking for, as well as the dates!

We offer

Neareo is located in the heart of Brussels (Quartier Louise). Yet, currently we are doing all the internships remotely. This offer is for an unpaid internship.

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Only for undergraduate students

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