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Media Coordinator

Company description

LIFEPOWR was founded with the purpose to make energy accessible and to bring you freedom.

While recording audio and visuals on outdoor locations for ‘Pure Sessions’, our founder Dries needed a decent, silent energy source to power a laptop, microphones, mixer and video equipment. No such thing was available at the time so he decided to design it himself, having the right background and knowledge at hand.

The LIFEPOWR A2 portable outlet received international awareness since its successful crowdfunding campaign and now, building on that success, we have taken our LIFEPOWR A3 further by making sure that our technology remains sustainable for the future. Our pioneering portable power battery pack now comes with a new technology called Power Delivery (PD), a standard for better and faster universal charging of all your USB-C powered devices. Ultimate simplicity, finally. 

Following our vision, we are now building the next generation in modular energy storage systems, IO, in a quest to deliver a renewable, easy and cost-effective power solution. Step by step replacing diesel generators and capable of running residential and commercial off-grid and on-grid energy systems.

We are based in Antwerp, Belgium and together with our international partners, we seek to deliver our solutions worldwide.

We want to power your life.

Job description

We are currently looking for a person capable of creating and managing relationships between our customers and our brand. Your responsibilities will vary according to our needs, but mostly you will be responsible for securing press and media features, evaluating marketing strategies and campaigns, newsletters and publishing content in the appropriate channels.

Searched Profile

We expect any candidate to be in their final year of digital marketing or advertising studies, with at least six months to be devoted to our cause.
You’re ready to learn in a real environment, where your creativity can finally take on the world and you are not dissuaded by negative feedback. (The Internet can be mean)
You can successfully demonstrate a passion for your work and you are interested in sustainable/green technologies. You like to check up on what’s new around you and have worked on one or two marketing campaigns already.



  • You are extraordinary.
  • Influential – You know exactly what people want to read and see.
  • Proficient – You know your digital and publishing software well and have a strong eye for design and webpage layouts.
  • Efficient – You can hold your own in the technological field with your marketing and public relations skills.
  • Commercially aware – You know what is happening in today’s energy market.

We offer

We offer flexible hours, a young and explorative company to advance your career, international colleagues and the chance to become a ping-pong master. Maybe beer and pizza Fridays, but we are still working on that.

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Only for undergraduate students

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