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Medical Advisor

Company description

Spentys is an interactive 3D printing platform for orthopaedic medical devices. Spentys aims to reduce the gap between the complexity of the 3D printing technology and the reality of the hospitals environments. The Spentys solution goes from the 3D scanning of the patient's limb, to the 3D modelling and the 3D printing of the patient's specific cast. This solution is completely automatic and centralised on a cloud platform. It makes the process easy to use for physicians and helps them to quickly interact with the Spentys team. This solution makes the 3D printing technology directly available in the hospitals environment, and so to the patients.

Job description

The goal of the internship is to support the Spentys team in their medical choices. Spentys is focus on the research and development of new orthopaedic medical devices. Those 3D printed devices bring huge added values to the patient. Currently, Spentys has developed 6 main products: for the forearm, the finger, the shoulder, the elbow, the knee and a night splint for the club-foot pathology (orthopaedic paediatrics).

The next step is to extend the solution to all body parts. The student objective is then to medically plan the next products to develop (according to the market size, reimbursement procedure, substitutes product, current methods used, etc.) and prove the added value of the 3D printing technology. They will share, to the Spentys team, medical inputs on how to correctly model the splints and the casts for each specific pathology.

Another important goal that the medical student could do at Spentys is to lead and plan the Clinical Trial at the university Hospital of St-Luc. It is well-known that the preparation of a clinical trial is time consuming and difficult to manage. The student could so support the Spentys Team is this task, by collecting medical information from surgeons and physicians. They could support the planning and write the step-by-step protocol to follow during the clinical trial. If the intern wishes, he/she could also be the responsible of the patients (3D scan patient’s limb and deliver them the medical device).

Searched Profile


To give medical input to the R&D Spentys team

To define and chronologically plan new casts/splints to develop

To support the Spentys team during the clinical trial

To lead medical events or medical meeting with doctors

To write a report of each pathology that could be treated by the 3D technology (market

size, reimbursement, medical input to follow, etc.)

To list all pathologies useful for our application (for the iOS app)


Background required

To be creative, motivated and resourceful

Knowledge of the medical market mandatory

Knowledge of the 3D printing technologies is a plus

Knowledge of the traditional orthopaedic immobilisations (splint/cast) mandatory

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